Full set Eyelash Extension

My Beauty (Full Set, appx 100 lashes)40 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes$70
My Charm (Full Set, appx 140 lashes)1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes$90
My Luxury (Full Set, appx 180 lashes)1 hour - 2 hours$120
My Elegent (Full Set, appx 240 lashes)1 hour - 2 hours$150
My Magnificent (Full Set, appx 300 or more lashes)1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours 30 minutes$250

Touch up Eyelash Extension

My Charm - 30 minutes30 minutes - 2 hours$30
My Luxury - 60 minutes1 hour - 2 hours$60
My Elegent - 90 minutes1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours$90
Lash Remover40 minutes$50

Semi - Full Set

Semi - Full Set30 minutes - 1 hour$30

Lash Removal

Complimentary (for clients)15 minutes
Lash Removal Only20 minutes$29

Add On

2D, Volume, Color Lash full set20 minutes$20
2D, Volume, Color Lash touch up10 minutes$10
Ombre Lash full set31 minutes$30
Ombre Lash touch up15 minutes$15
Shimmer lash full set30 minutes$25
Shimmer lash touch up15 minutes$13
Hand Peeling treatment30 minutes$25
Feet Peeling treatment30 minutes$30
Hand or feet massage (15 mins)15 minutes$15
Paraffin treatment15 minutes$10
Facial (30 mins)30 minutes$35
Lip treatment15 minutes$20
Under eye treatment20 minutes$25
Facial mask treatment10 minutes$10
Hotel/House Call Service30 minutes$200


Brown Tint (25’)25 minutes$20
Lash Tint (25’)25 minutes$25
Brown and Lash Tint (40’)40 minutes$40

Permanent Make Up

Lip Liner1 hour$180
Full Lip1 hour 30 minutes$330
Upper Eyeliner1 hour$230
Lower Eyeliner1 hour$180
Lower and Upper Eyeliner1 hour 30 minutes$350
Thicker/shadow/smoky liner addition1 hour 30 minutes$100
Eyelash45 minutes$60
EyLash Lift1 hour$75

Microblading - Eyebrows

Microblading 3D hairstroke2 hours 30 minutes$350
Microblading Power Affect2 hours 30 minutes$300
Microblade Hairstroke and Power Effect (Includes 1 visit space 1 mo apart)4 hours$400
Beauty Mark45 minutes$100
Correction service/session (Consultant and multiple visit may required)1 hour$150

Microblading Touch Up

Eyebrows color boosting1 hour 30 minutes$180
Eyeliner30 minutes$110
Lip liner1 hour$110
Full Lip1 hour 30 minutes$220

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